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Silicon House is an ICANN accredited and .IN domain registrar. Silicon House is one of the fastest growing domain registrar in the world. With ZERO initial deposit domain reseller account, you can instantly setup a domain registration storefront and start selling domains instantly. Features such as sub-resellers, instant storefront setup and our aggressive pricing allows you to earn huge profit with your domain reseller account.

Silicon House follows a SLAB based pricing model for domain registration through your domain reseller account. This is a fantastic pricing model where in as a Reseller you will be greatly benefited. Once you reach a particular SLAB, you will be charged a discounted price even if you register a SINGLE domain name. This means you will be eligible for higher discounts as you keep registering more and more domains. You can also ADD FUNDS to your domain reseller account INSTANTLY using our payment gateway.

Pricing Table
[ All prices in Indian Rupees. Read individual promo details for terms and conditions ]

Domain BASE
[ Zero Deposit ]
.com 599 599 599 599 599
.net 599 599 599 599 599
.org 609 599 589 589 579
.in 219 219 219 219 219
.co.in, net.in, org.in, firm.in 219 219 219 219 219
.info 569 559 559 549 539
.biz 299 299 299 299 299
.us 399 399 399 399 399
.name 499 499 499 499 499
.cc 1099 1099 1099 1099 1099
.tv 1599 1599 1599 1599 1599
.mn 2499 2499 2499 2499 2499
.bz 1099 1099 1099 1099 1099
.eu 599 599 599 599 599
.ws 1099 1099 1099 1099 1099
.mobi 1099 1099 1099 1099 1099
.co 1599 1599 1599 1599 1599
.com.co, .net.co, .nom.co 799 799 799 799 799
.me 1499 1499 1499 1499 1499
.tel 799 799 799 799 799
.asia 775 775 775 775 775
.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk 499 499 499 499 499
.co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz 1199 1199 1199 1199 1199
.ca 749 749 749 749 749
.de 599 599 599 599 599
.es 599 599 599 599 599
.com.au, .net.au 899 899 899 899 899
.ru 478 478 478 478 478
.com.ru, .net.ru, .org.ru 478 478 478 478 478
CentralNic Group 1
.eu.com, .gb.com, .ae.org, .kr.com, .us.com, .qc.com, .gr.com 1199 1199 1199 1199 1199
CentralNic Group 2
.de.com, .gb.net, .no.com, .hu.com, .jpn.com, .uy.com, .za.com, .br.com, .sa.com, .se.com, .uk.com, .ru.com, .uk.net 2049 2049 2049 2049 2049
.cn.com 2249 2249 2249 2249 2249

Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to dollar fluctuations and other price hikes.

First year registration of .IN domains are now offered at a special promo price of 249. .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .ORG.IN, .FIRM.IN are offered at Rs.219 for the first year registration. Promo is valid up to March 30, 2014. Promo has to be set in your domain reseller account to avail special pricing.


Reseller Control Panel: Silicon House Domain Reseller Account comes with control panel that enables you to handle key functions of your domain business such as adding customers, sub-resellers, invoicing, email reminders, email marketing, managing domain functions etc.

  1. Fully brand-able  storefront which can be plugged in to your website, allows you to sell domains instantly in your own domain name.

  2. API allows you to integrate with your billing systems such as WHMCS etc

  3. Mega offers from time to time allows you to always stay ahead of the competition.

Along with each domain name you also get;

Domain Control Panel
You will have complete control over your domain thorough our easy to use control panel. Manage key features of your domain name using this control panel.

Domain Theft Lock
You can lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred away from you maliciously.

Privacy Protection
Enable privacy protection for your domain names so that spammers cannot abuse you by harvesting your email in WHOIS database. [Some tlds, does not support this feature]

Total DNS Management
You can perform vital DNS functions such as changing name servers, create personal dns using your domain control panel itself.

Bulk Tools
Bulk domain registration, renewal, modifying bulk domains is now easy using Bulk Tools.

Pre Sales FAQ

1. How to add funds INSTANTLY in my domain reseller account ?

You can add funds to your domain reseller account instantly through our Payment Gateway. This means no more banking delays for you. To add funds to your domain reseller account, follow the steps below;

1. Login to your domain reseller account at http://resellers.siliconhouse.net
2. Click on MY Billing >> Add Funds >> Silicon House Payment Gateway
3. Supply the amount you want to add in US Dollars
4. Complete the transaction
5. Click on MY Billing >> Account Summary to view whether the funds are added to your account.

2. What are the other payment options available to add funds to my domain reseller account ?

Silicon House offers wide range of payment options. For various payment options available, please visit http://www.siliconhouse.net/paymentoptions
Once you make the payment, please make sure that you create a ticket by logging into the members area at https://members.siliconhouse.net. If you do not have access to the members area, please submit a ticket at http://enquiry.siliconhouse.net. In the ticket, please mention the amount paid, account to which amount is paid, mode of payment, check/DD details, date of payment and branch from where you paid. For quick processing, you may scan and attach the counterfoil in the ticket. If you transfer funds via internet banking, please mention the transaction for tracking. Do not forget to provide the reseller id to which the funds has to be added.

2. Do I have to add funds separately to register different domain extensions ?

No. It is not required to add funds for each and every domain extension separately. Funds added to your account can be used for registering any domain extension.

3. How much will it take to add funds to my domain reseller account, once I make the payment ?

Funds are added to your domain reseller account on a hourly basis, once they are reflected in our account. Funds will be added only when the funds get reflected in our account. A ticket is a must to add funds in your account. Hence, once you make the payment, update the payments details in a ticket at https://members.siliconhouse.net. If you do not have access to it, please create a ticket in http://enquiry.siliconhouse.net. Following are indicative time frames for different payment methods
1. Funds Added Via Domain Control Panel - 2 hrs after risk verification
2. 2. Cash - 24 hrs
3. NEFT / Netbanking - 24 - 48 hrs
4. Check / DD - 48 - 72 hrs

Serving Hot Startups and Blue Chips

  • Silicon House is an ICANN accredited domain registrar and .IN registrar.
  • Verisign ranks Silicon House as 173 th fastest growing domain registrar.
  • NIXI ranks Silicon House at 8 th among registrar
  • PIR ranks Silicon House as 120 th fastest growing domain registrar


"When we work on implementing cutting edge technologies for our customers, my team has to work very closely with server provider. The expertise that Silicon House brings to the table about server side issues is where they score ahead of others. They are proactive and bring to our notice server side issues before they are even noticed."
  Dr.Shekar Ph.D.,